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Research-led Growth

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Achieving Growth


We partner with organisations, private equity firms, and their customers to co-create exponential growth and success. We unlock insights from consumer behaviour and analytics, identify growth opportunities to accelerate new product and service innovation to drive transformation. 

Research Insights 

Real insights change the way we see our world. They bring new possibilities and opportunities, allowing us to answer big and complex questions such as:

  • Why do people choose not to take potentially life saving vaccines?

  • How does privacy work for businesses and consumers in the Web 3.0 environment?

  • How can Artificial intelligence be used to accelerate business growth?


'Strategy' is one of those frequently used words that means different things depending on who you ask. For us, strategy is about fusing the interests of companies, their customers and society. Strategic questions that we recently helped answer include: 

  • How can a wealth management business increase the adoption of digital solutions without alienating its core customer base?

  • How can a sleep tech brand grow fourfold without losing its core strengths?


Innovation is a lot more than coming up with new ideas. Most organisations are full of people with opinions and suggestions of the next big thing. The key questions are:

  • How do you provide products and services that meet your customers  needs and desires?

  • How do you choose the right ideas that will help you win and drive revenue growth?

  • How do you build a culture of innovation?

Digital Due Diligence

Every thriving business utilises technology and digital as a value driver. A holistic approach to due-diligence provides a 360 degree view of the target business by evaluating core pillars across Technology, Data, Digital, Product and Cybersecurity is required.
As digital experts, we:

  • Rigorously analyse the business plan

  • Assess the digital strategy and growth potential

  • Evaluate digital performance and KPIs

  • Review digital reputation 

  • Analyse the security, scalability and performance of digital products and platforms

We specialise in driving research-led growth for leading companies, and private equity firms 

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